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The Hinterland Edition Hunter's Hatchet by Wetterlings

  • 150.00 USD

Inspired by the Hatchet used in The Long Dark, we've partnered up with Wetterlings, Sweden's premier manufacturer of hand-made axes since 1880, to proudly present the Hinterland Edition Hunter's Hatchet. 

  • Axe hand-made by Wetterlings; steel head, hickory handle, leather sheath.
  • Hinterland logo laser-etched into the handle.
  • Please note all orders ship once per week on Tuesday.


More info from Wetterlings:

The Hunters Hatchet by Wetterlings

Out on the hunting grounds it is practical to bring an average size Hatchet – clearing for better visibility, improving your shelter, maybe start that fire and chop some smoking wood chips for the Christmas rabbit. The Hunter’s Axe is delivered with a hickory handle and a leather sheath.

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